In my family Greek Easter is a big deal. And even though most of my beloved Greek rellies have all travelled to Olympus to play among the Gods, those of us who are still mere mortals try to honour their memory by celebrating a few of their traditions. So every year we ackowledge Christmas, little Christmas, Easter and Greek Easter. 

 This year was a treat as both Easters fell on the same date and I don’t recall this ever happening before in my lifetime. However, it did crowd the preparations for both celebrations into one short timeline and I am still recovering from the hurried activities 🙂

Besides the cooking and cleaning and normal decorating modes which befall us just before any holiday, this year I decided to revive a tradition my mother and I began back in the 1970’s, and to each of my children and their children, I put together and mailed craft packages for everyone to make one of our Greek Eggs to hang in honour of my mom who is still with us, (and contributed to my overseas packages), my Greek grandparents and aunts who left us too soon and my dad – who is sorely missed.

I sincerely hope your holiday, whatever your religious proclivity, was a joyous one.