Been taking some personal time, catching up on old projects, putting away others, vegging on the sofa and – playing World of Warcraft. Yes, you caught me, I’ll do almost anything to avoid housework, including diving into a persona replete with horns, tail, glowing eyes and cloven hooves. In WoW this is called a Draenei and if you choose to be a huntress, you even get pets to help you play the game.

My first pet was a pretty blue moth, aptly named Boots because she had no feet. I’ve had a bear named Moose and a dog named Behr and I’ve now graduated into a master class which allows me to tame the more exotic animals to claim as pets.

This is a picture of my newest acquisition – the Stormpeaks’ Ravenous Jormungar  – or in layman’s terms – a big, big worm. (Click thumbnail to enlarge)

The job of the worm is to get between his master and the enemy. He’s like a guard dog, a cross between a really aggressive pitbull and an over-protective boyfriend. He eats cheese and fungus so it doesn’t cost much to keep him fed. He does, however, make this ‘cat-coughing-up-a-furball’ sound when he swallows his food.  I find by actually burping along with him, it’s not so disgusting.

Now I need a name for my worm. I thought of Bait or Fang or even FishFood, but none of those are grabbing me as the perfect name for an oversized, green-venom-spewing grub. Slinky is too common as are Slither and Ooze. So I thought I’d put this up for grabs in the blogosphere and rely on your clever replies to provide the perfect name 🙂  

Sarah Palin has had me so angry lately I can’t even write about her. The bloggers on my list (over there ->) are doing a wonderful job reporting and recording her current public antics, but I just keep getting stuck on “Why does ANYONE allow her to verbally attack our president?  Why does ANYONE applaud her ignorant denouncement of higher education? Why does ANYONE encourage her continued efforts to impede the work of congress? And why oh why is she allowed to lie so blatantly without a hundred reporters calling her out on each and every one of those lies?”

And then – why is the burden of proving Sarah Palin to be the charleton that she is, left to those of us in the blogs? Where are the journalists who’ve risked (and some given) their lives to see the public is presented with the truth? Why are there not a thousand mics shoved in this woman’s face every time she appears in public, held by reporters demanding she back up her statements with sources?

The handful of journos and columnists and even fewer newspapers who do try to stand up for the rest of us against the ignorance of Teabaggers and slimy me-first pollies like Sarah Palin aren’t enough. Gore-gate? You’re kidding me, right?

We need more scholarly heroes and we need them now. And we need them to get in her face – on camera and say ‘Lady, don’t just stand there spitting words- prove it!’

And with that I’m back to slaying dragons and worgs and teaching my worm the proper way to bite the kneecap off an ogre. Great way to calm my nerves after Sarah’s made every last one of them raw.

Worm names please!

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