When his later biographies were written, (and I apologize for not being able to pinpoint which bio holds this bit of info) it came out that the comic Jerry Lewis, in his younger years as TV host during the MDA marathon telethons  (which still raises millions of dollars annually) had on demand and waiting in the wings, daily, a prostitute with whom the star could – umm – unwind between sets. It was rather nonchalantly reported this was the famous comic’s habitual behaviour during any road trip or tour.

If one were to do the math on the number of days per year Jerry Lewis was on tour and hosting these telethons, one could possibly surmise that the Tiger Woods charge of having sexual relations with 120 women all up would only make the golfer look like a rookie.

I’m also going to go out on a limb here and guess that not many of you reading this ever heard this bit of trivia regarding Jerry Lewis before, or if you have, it’s one of those memories so inconsequential it’s going to take more than one tug to bring it to the front of your brain. Because – it used to be – information like this just wasn’t considered newsworthy. It might have been mentioned in a small column after page three, but it never would have made the front line-up.

I don’t know where today’s puritanical reporters get their criteria for stories, but I can tell you that historically, rock stars, muscisians, movie-stars, comics, out-of-town businessmen and politicians all routinely sleep around. When you add their individual incidences up at the end of the year, and then again at the end of a decade, I’m guessing 120 is around – normal.

120 women? Mormons can have that many wives. Shieks can have that many concubines. Hell, during the sixties in California, that was just a good weekend.

Mainstream media needs to stop trying to drum up business where there really isn’t any and start focusing on events which actually affect our lives. It’s not like Tiger Woods is running for president. Although if he did, I’m sure he could count on at least 120 votes.

Stop gawking MSM. Let the man play golf and get back to work.

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