Sarah Palin is busily promoting Carly Fiorina to Republican voters of California as ‘the face of commonsense government’. Her Tea Party backers have inundated her Facebook appraisal of Carly with complaints and criticism because they have already selected someone to represent their needs in this years election – one Chuck DeVore – and are more than just disappointed that Sarah didn’t get behind their pick – **they’re downright pissed.

Enter the California Democrats:

Wapo has the whole story here.

**Please note: A handful of Sarah’s FB-Bots have begn to counter the posted criticisms with comments of praise, expressing faith in her wisdom and judgement. Two things – first, I’m betting they aren’t California voters but fans from C4P and second – scroll down about a dozen or so comments and you’ll find the ‘real’ responses to her FB push for Carly.

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Here’s the original Carly Fiorina ad:

The youtube comments on both clips are worth the read. Just click on either video to reach the youtube site.


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