While Sarah Palin is busy snarling at President Obama via Twitter, Facebook and television encounters of the Fox kind over the government’s handling of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, some of us are still wondering about the money she took from the public two years ago, and in fact is still taking, today.

Sarah Palin has still not revealed how many gifts she received while campaigning with John McCain, although she did remark that they filled a hanger in an (unnamed) airport in early 2009. No public report exists which either specifies, identifies or explains the disbursement or disposal of these gifts.

Sarah Palin has yet to disclose exactly how much money was spent on her campaign ‘wardrobe’ and the RNC remains negligent in publicly documenting the exact totals, although from time to time in television appearances, we see her still wearing many of the outfits worn on the campaign trail.

The Alaska Fund Trust, initially put to the public as collecting donations to cover legal expenses, allegedly ‘unfairly’ accrued while governor of Alaska still exists even though Ms. Palin walked out on her constituents a full year and a half before the end of her term as governor. The Alaska Fund Trust website is still advertising for donations.

Conservatives4Palin have left these misleading advertisements about the trust to collect funds on youtube:


Their statements are false. Their facts about Sarah’s record as a public servant are wrong.

But the money they garner from the public is real.

Conservatives4Palin have over 175 videos, just like these on youtube. Their youtube account name links directly to their main website which encourages and accepts donations for SarahPAC on the top of the front page. Conservatives4Palin perpetuate the myth that Sarah Palin is a normal, everyday American, (seemingly forgetting that she is now a multi-millionairess, capable of purchasing a small country and dubbing herself Queen). They consider her the ultimate panecea for America’s woes. They call her Alaska’s Joan of Arc. However misguided, they are entitled to their opinion.

But… These methods of collecting gifts and monies from the public weren’t meant to line a politician’s pockets and I’m just not certain anyone at C4P is paying attention to the distribution of the funds they so earnestly collect on behalf of their heroine.

PACs, for example, were designed to help new candidates get a leg up when campaigning discovered television. (Or more accurately, when television discovered how much money was to be made off politicians prior to elections.) When airtime became prohibitavely expensive for an ordinary citizen aspiring to public office, the established pollie with a full war-chest could bring an unknown to the forefront via funding from his Political Action Committee. In regards to gathering campaign funds, PACs helped level the playing field during elections and gave the established politician a guaranteed ally. It was a win-win situation.

So what does it say when your PAC collects several thousands of dollars but only spends a miniscule percentage on less than a handful of candidates? What does it say when your PAC spends almost the entire amount collected on enormous salaries and lavish overhead?

Well, for one thing, it says the PAC belongs to Sarah Palin. Because that’s how Sarah does business. Just ask anyone who lives in Wasilla Alaska. You know, the town Mayor Sarah ran into $20mil worth of debt before ditching it for a town with more sparkle?

Where’s the money Sarah?

What were all those gifts?

Where did all those clothes go?

Why does a woman with over $12mil in the bank from the sale of one book, and the promise of a second book in the offing need to continue collecting public monies from Ma & Pa (we-believe-in-you) Kettle to pay a lawyer she already has on a 24-hour retainer?

And why, oh why, did the PAC pay Sarah’s personal attorney any money at all? Isn’t that what the ‘other’ fund was for?

The majority of people paying into Sarah’s PAC and Trust will never,never even come close to having $12 million dollars in their bank accounts. Isn’t it time for Sarah to stop crying ‘poor me’ from her learjet and shut down the misleading funds?

And isn’t it about time she became accountable for all the money, clothes and gifts she’s already collected?

I’m back 🙂

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