President Obama is not my CEO. He is my president. There is an inherent difference between the two job descriptions and I’m sick to death of Sarah Palin and her litter of FOX Barriers constantly getting this wrong. It is nothing more than a clumsy attempt to defeat the man post-election.

President Obama is not going to leave his office under a Golden Umbrella of millions of dollars in bonus money. He is neither earning millions of dollars per year as president, nor is he focused on daily profits and company schemes to create more profits. He’s trying to run a country. He’s trying to run a country that refuses to get behind him 100% because half of the country is still pissed that their candidate didn’t win. And unlike previous administrations, rather than the losing side sucking it up and cooperating with the winning side so everyone can get some work done for the good of the people, they can’t seem to break out of their name-calling, mud-slinging election mode.

By waging a non-stop verbal war against the winning administration, Sarah Palin reveals her own shortages. Poor sportsmanship and grudge-bearing pop out with every disparaging remark she aims at the president. Ignorance and a complete lack of understanding how the world works screams each time she refers to cap & trade as cap & tax. Her mean girl tendency bleeds through her recent interviews about the oil spill in the Gulf in which she criticizes the White House for not consulting her as an oil spill expert, while unable to proffer a single idea towards actually containing the spill.

Sarah Palin has so permeated her insane need to ‘take back the country’ into current politics, she has effectively reduced her beloved  Republican party to a ragtag bunch of snivelling wheel-spinners who can’t get anything done for the country, except spew her cliche` sound bites.

And the shame of it is, all of Sarah Palin’s criticisms and complaints combined accomplish nothing. Nothing. They do, however, serve to impede the progress of oil spill containment when the very people who need to focus on solutions have to stop and focus on her whining, instead.

President Obama is not a corporate CEO. He isn’t accountable to just a handful of shareholders who have a say in his retirement package. He’s accountable to all of us. All 300 million citizens.  Citizens, I might add, who have the ability to vote him out of office in 2012 if we don’t like how he’s done his job during his first four years.

No one ‘took over’ our government, Sarah. The Obama Administration was voted into office by a majority of the voters. (Just because you didn’t vote for him doesn’t mean he didn’t earn his place in the Oval Office and the respect it commands.)

One of Sarah’s most long-winded criticisms of President Obama and his staff (this past week) is the claim that they do not return phone calls from citizens and foreign powers who might have viable suggestions concerning oil spill containment.  Have a sticky beak at this:

From the Atlanta-Journal  December 2009

Mike Kelleher, director of the Office of Presidential Correspondence, said the president receives about 65,000 paper letters every week and about 100,000 e-mails, 1,000 faxes and 2,500 to 3,500 phone calls per day.

 That was before the oil spill. Imagine how the numbers have multiplied in the midst of a national crisis. How many people do you suppose Sarah would like to see put on the government payroll to handle this new influx of corespondence? Isn’t she opposed to increased taxes and for smaller government? Wouldn’t this be an increased burden to the taxpayer? I thought so.

Sarah – muddying the White House waters doesn’t help anyone in or out of the government focus on ways to contain the current oil spill in the Gulf.  So please, I beg you – If you cannot find it in your heart or brain to be part of the solution, at least stop being a major contributor to the problem.

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(editted 17 June 2010 10:30pm)