So there was – in fact – an actual visit to McNeil River during it’s bear-viewing season by Sarah Palin in the summer of 2009. It just didn’t happen quite the way Sarah’s Facebook post implied.

Sarah did – in fact – spend a day watching the bears in their salmon-feeding habitat. She was – in fact – accompanied by a biologist. However, she was also accompanied by both her parents, making it a family outing, not an invited scientific observation she implied in her post.

And this defines my on-going gripe with Sarah: Her continual need to exaggerate, embellish and wring the truth out of all her experiences before showing them off. It’s like having a precocious 4 year old who insists upon carrying her own glass of chocolate milk and you’re left to follow along, cleaning up the little spills as you go.

Here’s one now…

Sarah spent her last few weeks in office not in the office at all. Rather than stay in Juneau and help the new team make the sudden transition she’d thrust upon them without warning, she instead fired up the Palin Express and took to the road. Under the auspices of signing laws in different towns across Alaska, Sarah went sight-seeing and Twittered away her last hours as Public Servant No.1.

There are archived articles at the ADN pertaining to these last few weeks, (which include the McNeil trip), written by a couple of perturbed Alaskan journos, who are not at all shy about voicing their displeasure with Sarah’s exit strategy.

One writer observes how Sarah and her parents displaced three paying customers who’d put in their applicaton on time and waited patiently for their turn to view the bears, only to be ousted by the Palin entourage. He makes the point that Sarah and her father, Chuck Heath were an unlikely pair to be bear-viewing at all, considering their propensity to slaughter bears rather than observe them.

A second writer shows his disdain for Sarah’s lack of commitment to the people of Alaska, not just in quitting before the end of her term as governor, but by not even sticking around to help the new governor and his team get organized.

From Sarah’s Facebook:
Last summer I stood on the grassy bank of an Alaskan waterway that was teeming with salmon to watch part of Alaska’s brown bear population forage, fight, feed, and fend off enemies to survive. I joined Fish and Game biologists to observe 42 of these majestic wild animals all within eyesight, all at once.”

She stood with her parents on that grassy slope. She didn’t ‘join’ F&G biologists, they were her mandatory chaperones, as no one is left to wander through the state habitat alone. No biologist(s) ‘invited’ Sarah to join them. A full staff of qualified biologists are at all times on the property, specifically to escort the public and to hopefully educate them as well regarding the plight of the Alaska Brown Bear.

A plight, I might add that Sarah, her father and the current Acting Gov Sean Parnell continue to make worse.

Please visit the links and read the full articles.

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Special thanks to all the commenters who took the time to research this subject for me, digging up the old twitters, setting the timeline and especially to HistoryGoddess and Aussie Blue Sky for sharing the above links.

My having zoned in on this particular Facebook post of Sarah’s may seem petty to some, but I happen to believe that people who elevate themselves  to role model status, be it celebrity or politician, should be held accountable for the things they say to the public;  for the image they portray  to the public, and that those images are truthful.

I happen to believe that telling the truth should be the knee-jerk response of an elected (or wannabe elected) official. Now, if I could just persuade the pollies to get on board…

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