Julia Gillard was voted into office yesterday by the Labour party, deposing Kevin Rudd and making her the first ever female Prime Minister of Australia. Mr. Rudd has fallen so out of favour by party members that passing the baton to his Deputy, Ms. Gillard, was in the end, a unanimous decision by her peers.

Ms. Gillard is a champion of higher education, and has actively sought to better the Australian school system since taking her place beside Mr. Rudd as his Deputy Prime Minister in 2007.  She is well-spoken, well-liked, hard-working and has proven herself  firm in her commitment to public service.

Wikipedia is currently the best  source of information regarding Ms. Gillard and how she came to be Australia’s 27th Prime Minister.

Congratulations Julia! And from someone who has watched other women in office may I also add my personal thanks… 

…for never writing on your hand.
…for never once saying you betcha!
…for not using Facebook to talk to us and most of all
…thanks for
 not being a quitter!

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