In Australia, the political party that wins the national election for the seat of Prime Minister is considered ‘the party in power’. At any time during the Prime Minister’s term his party can vote him out of office in favour of another party member. It’s not a very nice thing to do, but it’s quite legal and pretty much tells the officer who’s fallen out of favour that he sucked at his job. Even if he didn’t.

Such was the case of recently ousted PM Kevin Rudd. His party was so distraught by – oh who knows what, it’s not like they needed an actual reason – “Mr. Rudd’s un-Prime Ministerial Behaviour” they convinced his Deputy, Julia Gillard to step up and take his place.

Now Julia Gillard makes a great PM. She’s been an active Deputy (Vice President equivalent), run the country rather successfully each time Mr. Rudd has travelled abroad and she’s easy on the eye. But now that the dust has settled, the other side of the aisle is crying foulplay. Ms. Gillard has been called a backstabber by Mr. Rudd’s fans, who now criticize every move she makes and obstruct every change she’s tried to implement for the good of the country (sound familiar?) in her short reign.

But Ms. Gillard has options. She’s called for a special election. “Let the public decide!” is her campaign motto. And it’s actually a good one because she’s not been in office long enough to make any glaring mistakes, step on too many toes, or give the opposition many reasons to disrespect her in campaign ads.

Also in her favour, the opposition doesn’t really have a strong contender for the crown.  Seat. So rather than wait for one to be groomed, why not put her PM claim to a public vote now while she’s still the fair-haired child?

I think it’s a brilliant move. And on 21 August, when the new election is held, we will see if it was a smart one.

Voting in Oz elections is a  mandatory affair.  Registered voters must vote in each and every election or face fines. Being of voting age and failing to register will cause charges to be levied against you. It really isn’t in anyone’s best interest to evade  the booths. So with every adult in the country actually voting, election results are pretty much an accurate reflection of public opinion.

The campaigning is in it’s fifth day and already the media considers it the most boring election ever proffered Australians. There’s nothing really to report. So one local television station (Channel 7 Qld) has posted this video on it’s website to give their viewers something to look at that’s less boring than their election coverage.

I howled. I have never met this baby’s parents but I can tell you unequivocally we share a deep parental bond. This video reminds me very much of having plopped my firstborn toddler onto a fabric-lined plastic tablecloth in the middle of the living room, where a big mixing bowl of chocolate cake batter awaited her discovery.

Cutest babystitting trick ever:

And in case you know someone who’s actually expecting a baby (you know,  rather than faking expecting having a baby?)  here’s how to make the cutest salad bowl ever 🙂


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