Sarah Palin wants to be President of the United States and has a bit over two million Facebook fans to prove it.

On the other hand, President Barack Obama already IS President of the United States, has over 11.6 million fans on Facebook and doesn’t have to prove a thing. Unlike Sarah’s Facebook page which is  a steady stream of whining rants proffering lots of criticism and few solutions, President Obama’s page is filled with optimism for the country’s future and gives a positive take on life inside the White House.

President Obama’s Facebook page is well structured, gives lots of daily and weekly updates on his schedule, positions, goals, obstacles, etc.  There are heaps of short videos to view, helpful government links to services and this week, there’s the special bonus of an announcement from Michelle Obama, encouraging everyone to sign a birthday card for the President. He will turn 49 on 4 August 2010 and she provides this link to a very thoughtful birthday message.

You do need a USA zip code to sign. (Shh dont tell anyone but I used my daughters!)

Another feature I especially like  is a series of weekly video clips called West Wing Week. They are a change of pace from the heavy, critical reports we get on the President from the maintream media. It’s a pleasure to watch him in action and reinforces why we voted for him.  

This week’s chapter is titled Men in Blue Jumpsuits:

With all the bad press he gets, it’s nice to see our President’s  accomplishments emphasized and watch a running record of how many campaign promises he actually keeps. Compared to Sarah’s page of gloom and doom messages, President Obama’s Facebook page is a breath of fresh air.

And in a world filled with pollution, we need all the fresh air we can get 🙂

========== UPDATE ==========

Organizing For America (OFA) have sent follow up letters to those who signed President Obama’s birthday card. Volunteers across the nation are organizing events from now until November to encourage voters to get out and vote. These birthday parties are one such type of event.

An interactive map [click here] shows where the parties will be held. Enter a zip code, city or state and the user is directed to the nearest planned party(s).

From the site: 
Volunteers nationwide will hold birthday parties and use the occasion to recruit new OFA volunteers. Each new volunteer will help get more first-time 2008 voters back to the polls in November. And with so much more on our agenda, and tight races from Florida to Alaska, we don’t have a moment to lose.

What a neat gizmo! I plugged in cities for all my rellies and friends. Yes, even the Republican ones! Ok they probably won’t attend but it was still quite fun to see all the places that popped up. (There’s one just a mile from my oldest daughter on Saturday the 7th put on by a chapter of YES WE CANvass… They look very organized.)

Speaking for myself, I get bogged down in all the whining put out by Sarah, the Tea Partiers and new Republicans. So much discontent and fear in their speeches and messages. Finding my way to sites filled with workable solutions instead of finger-pointing has been encouraging. There are – in fact – more people out there who see through Sarah and her cohorts than follow her blindly.

The trick is, to get them all to the polls because the only way to guarantee Sarah Palin never wins another election is to put some old-fashioned elbow grease into it and work to see that everybody votes. So even from my perch in Australia, I will be doing my part. Please use the OFA link above to find out how you can do yours 🙂

There’s just too much to lose to do nothing…

========== UPDATE 2 ==========

Writers at the Washington Post are critical of the Obama birthday card, making the claim that it’s just a ruse for fundraising. The reasoning comes from noting that a person’s 49th birthday is insignificant (the writer backs this arguement at length by presenting former presidents who have turned 50 while in office and the huge bashes that marked the occasion while none publicized their 49th birthdays) and that the site sports a donation button for 2010 campaign contributions along with a call for volunteers to help get people to the polls.

To be honest, while visiting the Organizing For Obama website I hadn’t really paid attention to the donation button. Why would I? Donation buttons are everywhere. And it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black for a Republican to cry foul when SarahPAC, Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, RNC websites, other Republican PACs all and each have the same donation button on every one of their sites as well.

As far as the complaint that using President Obama’s 49th birthday as a cover for gathering supporters is (1) inappropriate and (2) has more to do with gathering votes for the president’s re-election in 2012 than campaigning for Democrats in 2010 is just well, sour grapes.

There’s no rule of etiquette preventing any birthday year from being a huge bash. That number is irrelevant. The number of people wanting in on the celebration is more to the point. And when you read the article you’ll begin to get a sense of how many hundreds of backyard bbq’s, potluck suppers, picnics and block parties have been carefully planned and advertised via this one, simple bithday tradition of signing a card. It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

And if these nationwide birthday parties prove successful and help the Democrats create a venue for future vote-gathering on top of garnering votes for Democrats in 2010 so what? Republicans have their political strategies and we Democrats have ours. And while I hesitate to gloat… our strategies have put Barack Obama in The white House. Republicans have – who, again?

We The People have endured the media’s reporting of Republican opinion as if it were fact and the overly-televised nationalization of phoney, mismanaged, disorganized Tea Parties for more than a year now. It’s all a bit stale. We can do with a little cake and coffee 🙂

Please read the full WaPo article here.

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