During this past month I’ve come to realize that I personally know six people on the mainland who believe – genuinely believe – that President Barack Obama:

…is not a U.S. citizen and has never produced a US birth certificate.
…is a fanatic Muslim intent on destroying Christianity.
…is owned by big corporations who line their pockets at the expense of ours.
…hates America.

Six people. That’s six votes to my one.

All six are over the age of 50.
Four are women.
Three are widows.
One is self-employed.
Two are retired.
One served in the military.
All have a high school education.
Five attended at least one year of college.
Three hold college degrees.
Five are parents.
Three are grandparents.
Three are currently employed.
One held the same job, in the same building for 40 years.
Five were employed prior to the Bush Administration.
Two collect Social Security.
Five were born and educated in California.
Six were homeowners prior to the Bush Administration.
Three are homeowners now.
All were baptized and raised in Christian faiths.
Four baptized their own children.
None currently attend church.
Five blame Pres. Obama personally for the current state of the economy.
Three believe the new healthcare plan will destroy their current coverage.
*Four own handguns.
Two are Registered Republicans.
Two follow the Fox News Channel.
Two refuse political discussion claiming all politics is garbage.
One believes whatever her son tells her to believe.
One believes Sarah Palin makes a lot of sense.
Four view Sarah Palin as a victim of ratings-driven journalism.
Three believe Sarah Palin’s ‘wild ride’ was created by the media.
Six believe Sarah Palin to be Trig Palin’s natural birth mother.
Two believe Sarah Palin is a political drama queen but would vote for her over Pres. Obama anyway.

*Of the four gun owners, three honestly believe  Armageddon is upon us and they will need their firearms to protect their homes and families from Muslim invaders.

What struck me the most about my supposedly educated, well-rounded friends was not that we share such different core beliefs, (because I have a lot of friends and usually enjoy the diversity) but that each of their current political leanings appear to be driven by abject fear. All six believe the Obama Administration is now and will continue to plummet America into the worst economical depression ever recorded by man, and because of our foreign debts, we will one day be owned by the Muslims who will impose Islamic Law, having us bowing to the east or be shot on our doorsteps.

Oh yes. There’s one more thing my friends listed above all have in common:

Not one of them knows about my blog.

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