I wonder how many Mohawk, Iroquois and Algonquin sacred burial grounds lay beneath the business centers, shopping malls, apartment buildings and suburban houses in New York State and how come Sarah Palin and the gang at Fox News aren’t up in arms about that?

But let’s suppose, for a minute, that building a mosque in downtown Manhattan is somehow different and that it would somehow be harmful to New Yorkers. Let’s do a bit of research shall we?

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Hmm. Seems (prior to 2005), the biggest mosque in all of Europe was built way back in 1913  in… Russia! It’s called (get ready for the irony) St. Petersburg Mosque. Beautiful, eh? And in almost one hundred years it’s faithful congregation has never once risen to overthrow the Russian government. Not when Russia was a communist nation and not since it’s become a democracy. Hmm. So much for Muslims being a violent people.

The real question that the press should have been asking over this past month is – why did Sarah jump onto the down-with-the-mosque bandwagon in the first place? It’s only replacing an existing mosque/rec center, enlarging it’s facilities to provide more community services for all Manhattan citizens. It isn’t even Muslim exclusive.

Would it surprise you to know that this whole down-with-the-mosque at ground zero debacle wasn’t even Sarah’s idea? No, it really wasn’t.

Associated Press aired the story in early May. It reflected the different views of  New yorkers and brought forth two very important statements from Manhattan residents.

From Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam who runs the current community center and mosque near ground zero:

“Terrorism or extremism  does not distinguish between muslim or non-muslim, black or white, it, it uh victimizes everybody.”

And from Anita Lafond Koronsky who lost her sister to the attack on 9/11:

“There was a group of these people for whatever reason… that hated America so much… they felt they had to attack the world Trade Center and my sister and 3,000 other people are dead.

“It’s impossible to understand that… but… I can’t turn around and hate all the other people involved in this religion because I would then become no better than these people who killed my sister who supposedly were doing it because – they hated too.”

The AP story was reposted to youtube on 07 May 2010. Other groups picked it up and made their own versions to post on youtube.

One month later,  jihadwatch.org   posted this video on youtube in a flammatory protest against the construction.

Not a lot of initial interest. But then…

The Republican Propaganda Machine (lending a whole new meaning to the acronym RPM) created their own video protesting the building of the mosque. They produced it with lots of bells and whistles, lights and sirens, fiery rhetoric and Omenish music and quite proudly posted it here for all their Republican followers to see.  Oh and to donate! Let’s not forget the PAC donation button and pledge to make even more donations later on.

Then, still patting themselves on the backs for a job well done they took it to the television stations. But the news producers at each stop took one look and said ‘Nup. Nuh-uh. No way are we airing that. Go away.’ Not even Fox News took the bait.

So the clip was posted on youtube along with all the amateur, homemade protest videos that only received a few hundred hits each. And in the background, the legal preparations to build the new community center were going full-steam ahead. A few days go by. Then a week. Then two. If only the overly-paid PR guys could get the clip to go viral. A viral clip would get it on the air, right? But how?!?!?!

Enter Sarah [stage right] with her now infamous, heart-stabbing, garment-rending, inflammatory Tweet. Right from the start her Tweets were considered a joke  but that didn’t stop the RPM from using Sarah’s face to advance their own agenda. Needless to say, a few stirred up tea baggers, partiers later and all the youtube clips were going viral.

But… about the protest: It wasn’t even her idea. It wasn’t her passion. It wasn’t her fight. The story of the proposed construction broke early in 2010. The Associated Press reported on public reaction to the proposed plans in early May 2010. Far-right wing groups caught up with and aired their own takes on the story in early June 2010. The GOP Trust (a Republican PAC) picked it up in late June, early July.

Sarah had been completely unaware of this construction. She never said a word when the construction plans were made public sometime in late January. She never said a word when the AP broke with their story in early May. She never uttered a tweet (sorry) after the GOP Trust made their TV ad in late june. Then on 18 July she frantically starts tweeting about it with all the urgency of having discovered a five-alarm fire!

I for one am not buying it. Her passionate tweets were not her idea. But I am guessing she’s being well paid for them. 

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This is the only frame anyone ever needs to see of the Republican-made video. This is the money behind and the people controlling the protest of the building of a multi-cultural center in Manhatten, America’s largest multi-cultural melting pot in the country.

Should it not be up to the citizens of New York to say what gets built in New York city? Imagine how vehemently any of us would oppose a bunch of New Yorkers coming to any one of our cities and dictating what we can or cannot build where we live.

At the end of the day, when these stories break and Sarah toots on her revolutionary horn, we all need to step back and remember, always remember, that Sarah’s just not that into us. If she truly meant what she preaches, she’d be working really hard to make life better for indigenous Alaskans, or donate her time to fundraise for Down Syndrom research.

But alas in over a year she’s done neither.

[click to enlarge] Please look carefully at the differences proffered in these two pictures. On the left is the image Republican figureheads are passing off as what will appear on the NY skyline, overlooking ground zero, should the proposed community center be allowed. On the right is the actual proposed mosque/community center, as illustrated by the actual mosque architects. This is the building Sarah Palin and the GOP Trust would like us to believe is a ‘stab in the heart’

The next time the quitter-twit tweets, I’m going to pay less attention to the puppet herself and more to whoever is filling her pockets and pulling her strings.

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