Anyone who knows me knows better than to forward any of the circulating emails trashing President Obama.  I’m happy to discuss any of the theories which portray our president as not being qualified for office, just don’t flood my email account with .gifs which morph his face into Hitler or portray him as the devil reincarnate.

To pro-Palins that may sound a tad hypocritical considering how I treat their beloved Quitter-Queen on my blog, but it doesn’t feel hypocritical to me. President Barack Obama was duly elected to the office of President of the United States by a majority of all 300 million American voters. His credentials were in order before running for the US Senate and they were in order again when he made his bid for the White House. He has been upfront and open about his life, his education, his activities, his religion and his family since the beginning. Sarah Palin, by contrast, has dodged almost every question put to her by the media and secreted into hiding most of the documentation purportedly qualifying her to hold public office, ever. She was voted Governor to a state with fewer residents than occupy the state of Rhode Island and then she couldn’t even manage to complete one term. President Obama has a history of making and keeping commitments to his constituents. Sarah Palin has a history of promising her constituents the moon and then arrogantly blowing them off.

So when it gets back to me that there’s an email going around which claims our president  ‘so hates America he won’t even be seen standing next to an American flag’ it makes me furious. That such an idiotic lie can be made believable – is unconscionable.

Fifty-two times a year the White House puts out a video wrap-up of President Obama’s week. The cover is adorned in red, white and blue and there is always an American flag featured in the clip.

Fifty-two times a year President Obama sits in the oval office and gives his weekly address to the nation. He is ALWAYS seated in front of the American flag.

Three-hundred and sixty-five days each year President Obama checks into Facebook with a small comment, event announcement, or just words of encouragement. His Facebook Avatar has him seated in front of the American flag. His avatar appears on each and every post. (As of this writing, dated 16 Sept 2010, there have been 40 personal posts made by Pres. Obama on his facebook page for this month alone.)

So at least FOUR HUNDRED SIXTY NINE TIMES A YEAR since moving into the White House, our president has been captured on camera in front of an American flag. And it galls me to know that even with this visual proof to countermand the lie, there will still be thousands of gullible people who will stubbornly continue to tell other gullible people that our president hates our country so much he won’t even be seen in public with an American flag.

President Obama’s Facebook Avatar:





…and the rest…



















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