Alaska WTF has a video of Sarah Palin defiling the American Flag at a rally.  Full video and AWTF comments here. Full details by the nice Brits covering the story here.

There’s going to be a lot of specultion as to what was possibly going through Sarah’s mind at the time. I mean besides the constant whooshing of air…

Here’s my take:

Get that Darned flag out of my face! Can’t you see I’m trying to sign books and smile pretty for the camera?

I mean it! Git that thing outta my way pronto! (Now you did it mister… went and made me say a racist word.  Pronto! Great. Now they’ll all say I’m poking fun at them Mexicans again.)

Fine! If you won’t move it I’ll just reach up and…


There! Finally! Now the cameras can focus on ME again. Ok now what the heck was I doin’ before? Oh yuh… signin’ stuff. I better sign this flag before the cry-baby thinks I tried to steal it from him…

Here. Now skeedaddle before I git Joe’s boys over here and they arrest yer ornery butt!

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