Evidently, a statement made by me in this post  describing the men involved in Joe Miller’s security team was not accurate.

According to Mr. Dropzone:

1. Mouse is not a current employee of Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK but an outside contractor who has not been ‘active’ for more than a year.

2. No firearms are or have ever been sold on the premises of Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK

This is the statement which elicited the above comment by Mr. Dropzone:

Meet Mouse. Mouse is one of the Drop Zone Security Guards who may or may not be personally assigned to Miller, but he is part of the security team so it’s likely (if he wasn’t actually on today’s detail) he’ll pull a shift with the candidate…
…This is Mouse at work. When he’s not on private detail, or armed and working as a bounty hunter for the Drop Zone, or selling guns to other war vets at the Drop Zone’s run-down survivalist shack, he’s a part-time bouncer at a strip club in Anchorge. Nothing wrong with that.

First, let me assure you my integrity is just fine, thanks for voicing your concern. Second, it was Mouse’s own words which led me to believe he was  currently  employed at the business Dropzone @ 29 Spenard Rd Anchorage AK:

Third and finally, Mr. William Dropzone Bill Fulton, is your incontrovertible association with the Alaska Citizens Militia, a group for whom you host meetings on the property located @ 29 Spenard Rd. Anchorge AK.

It is common knowledge that militia groups are armed, that arms are routinely traded, sold and bartered for amongst militia members, and I would bet the farm that this has occurred on your property at least once if not routinely on your watch – under your supervision – or at the very least with your full knowledge.

Norm Olson, your immediate Commander, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am happy to concede that the person ‘Mouse’ reportedly does not sell firearms over the counter at or under the business name of either Dropzone Security Services or Dropzone Sporting Goods to licensed gun owners. As for the rest… you’ll have to prove it.

Wow, I guess this isn’t a retraction after all.