Went surfing today in my pajamas, enjoying a day off from the trials of my new job. Don’t get me wrong. I love the work. It’s frustrating, exasperating, exciting, challenging and… in a climate of mass unemployment, it’s a JOB! But being able to kickback and play at my computer instead of wrestling a deadline is nice too 🙂

A person can harvest all sorts of information about other people on the internet these days. On a lark I thought I’d see what I could find out about our Alaska friend Joe Miller. Turns out if the person you’re looking into is famous enough, all the info needed to run a people search on that person can be taken right off wikipedia. Who knew!

Wait… is this going to be like that poor kid who used Sarah Palin’s wiki bio to guess her email password? I’m getting a slightly chilled feeling of Deja’vu.

(Oh good. It passed.)

This is supposedly public information, this database I’ve tapped into, and therefore fair game – especially regarding someone who is running for public office and wants to ultimately manage public money. I’m feeling better about this already.

Ok let’s see what happens when we type this info in the fields and press the [Search] key… Well right off, that’s a huge letdown. There should be sound effects like whirring noises and clanging bells, buzzers or clicking and maybe a couple small greyish puffs of smoke. Nothing.

Just this:

Ok I’m confused. Joe’s worked seven years as a magistrate, then quits to open his own law practice – he touts himself as a successful lawyer and land-owner and somewhere on some form has claimed he makes an ample annual income of between $60k and $100k and he… rents?

Really Joe? You can’t manage a mortgage? As a former magistrate and successful attorney? Can’t even build on your own property? You know, that land you used to cheat the federal government out of money by falsely claiming to be a farmer?

Joe – are you related to Christine O’Donnell or is it just that a highly contagious case of stupid has overcome the Republican party…

I’ve passed the link to access to military records on to our Alaska friends. Here’s hoping they can use it to make  difference.

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