Sky News Australia is the land downunder’s one and only around the clock, 24 hours per day news service. It comes to us courtesy of FOXTEL, our one and only television cable service. A good portion of the broadcasts are courtesy of Great Britain as we, at the end of the day, still pledge allegiance to the Queen.

Not ten minutes ago, while folding laundry, Sky News broadcast a British report on the upcoming U.S. elections. The report talked about how President Obama has lost so much ground during his first two years in office that the Democrats will lose the House and most of the Senate in Tuesday’s election.

The report included this tidbit: “The Democrats themselves are so disenchanted with Pres. Obama that many have jumped ship…”

To drive the point home, a clip of Sarah Palin was played. Her screechy voice whinged… “Mr. Obama you’ve had two years to pull this country out of despair and all you’ve done is make it worse.” My quote is not accurate as I can’t retrieve it. But it’s close enough.

I’m sickened that the media, even over here treats Ms. Palin as if she were an authority on White House policy, foreign policy or was any form of political leader at all. I’m sickened that the foreign media treats her words as if facts and accuracy were a part of her protocol. And I’m sickened that she continues to be treated as a credible influence on any political stage, anywhere.

In just under two years President Obama has done more for the good of the American people than both George Bush presidencies combined. There are news articles you can barely find on back pages of news publications which make the case that he’s written and passed more legislation in two years than previous presidents in their completed terms. But do we hear of any of these accomplishments? No.

We don’t hear of anything positive about the Obama Administration not because positive things aren’t happening in Washington, but because Sarah Palin is a media cash cow and her daily igno-rants bring in more ratings for entities like Fox News.

Sarah Palin represents only a handful of disgruntled Americans. She does not hold an elected office. She lost the 2008 election by something like an excess of 200 millon votes – and that wasn’t even her ticket anyway. McCain added her to the bottom of the ticket in a desperate move to capture the votes from Hillary Clinton backers.

Turns out Sarah Palin doesn’t even deserve to lick Hillary’s boots.

It used to be there were only one or two lunatics to look out for during any given election season.

Today, thanks mostly to a jealous Republican Party, a greedy media  and Sarah I’ll say whatever it takes to put $$$ in my pocket Palin – there are far too many morons to watch.

Please – vote.

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Just watched this on Shannyn Moore’s website and knew I had to post it here as well… thanks Shannyn… this is excellent – and yes, I remember 🙂


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