If President Barack Obama had been a Republican would Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck be calling him a closet Muslim who hates America? Would the Republican delegates who have so passionately voted against any Obama-drafted legislation have been as passionate for seeing it all pass? And had they all worked together to find solutions, how much better off would all our citizens be today?

When politics begins to look like it comes out of a football playbook rather than insights on what the country and its citizens actually need – where do we go for help?

This is a list of American candidates running for office in tomorrow’s elections across the country. With one hand they preach Christian family values. With the other they practice a chilling divisiveness that would leave our poor, elderly and infirm without medical care, without food and with nowhere to go but back alleys waiting for death.

Because every American deserves food, water, shelter, education and healthcare, please do not vote for any of the following candidates:

John McCain in Arizona

Roy Blunt in Missouri

Rob Portman in Ohio 

Carly Fiorina in California 

Rick Perry in Texas

Terry Branstad in Iowa

Susana Martinez in New Mexico 

Tom Emmer in Minnesota.

Christine O’Donnell in Delaware

Michael Grimm in New York

Sean Duffy in Wisconsin

Rand Paul in Kentucky

Nikki Haley in the South Carolina 

Joe Miller in Alaska

Lisa Murkowski in Alaska

Paul Gosar in Arizona

John Koster in Washington


In any civilized society the strong look after the weak, the young look after their elders and neighbours look after each other. In any civilized society there’s an understanding about duty of care for those less fortunate by those more fortunate. It’s a common philosophy found in the teachings of Christ. It’s in the teachings of Buddha and Judaism and Islam. It’s common sense humanity.

Tomorrow we need to show our country and the world that we’re still the compassionate, thoughtful, good Christians, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims that our multiple religions and non-religions have taught us to be.

Tomorrow we need to stand up and vote no to this list of divisive politicians who work to undermine the very nature of American values.