‘Tis the morning after the midterm elections and I am struck with a profound sadness that seems to have replaced the momentary relief derived from knowing Christine O’Donnell, Carly Fiorina, Carl Paladino, Sharon Angle and other Palin-Picks will not be poisoning my congress anytime soon.

And while it at least appears that Joe Miller won’t be setting up shop in Washington DC after all, it’s still too early to cite a clear winner of that senate race. I still, rather optimistically have my fingers crossed for Scott McAdams.

And I suppose it was a given that John McCain would retain his seat alongside his  governor who thinks headless bodies roam her deserts, but looking at the bigger picture, they have both proven to be ineffective politicians who are relatively harmless. I can get by knowing the insanity they both spew will stay grounded in Arizona and not affect me too much.

The sadness gripping me this morning is more like the sensation a mother has just before one of her children predictably falls out of a tree. You know it’s going to happen. You’re powerless to prevent it. You know falling is a part of learning how to climb and climbing is a part of growing up but still… you can see what’s coming and wish there was a way to make it less painful.

And this morning I can see what’s coming and I wish there were a way to make it less painful.

Regardless of your political stance, you have to know that the extreme economic trials facing America today were not created in the last 22 months by the Democratic Party. It is simply not possible for a prosperous country to plummet into this much debt in such a short amount of time. Yet that’s what the Republicans keep banking on all of us believing. And to some not-so-small degree, that’s working for them.

But is it working for us? Is blaming President Obama and his administration for all the financial ills that have befallen this country in the last decade really our best strategy? Is that going to get the hundreds of thousands of men and women standing in unemployment lines back to work and earning pay checks? Is it?

Since the 2008 presidential election the Republican Party has so focused on getting back into the driver’s seat they completely missed the part about how their jobs are to help us – The People. they didnt help the Demorats build any roads or new schools or hospitals. They didn’t lift a finger to help the Democrats build a healthcare platform all Americans could get behind. They were too busy campaigning. And they still are. It’s like going to Washington is onegiant campaign trail and nobody actually stops to do the job.

And this morning the talk is more rhetrical talking points about repealing Obamacare and every bit of legislature that’s been passed since January 2009 – why, exactly?

Is the Republican attitude of tearing down all that’s been built by the Obama Administration and starting over with just Republican ideals being represented really a solution to financial solvency in America? Seems to me it was Republican ideals that got us into this mess in the first place.

The recent Republican wins in the house are not going to make conditions any better for anyone. They’re going to make things a lot worse. The Party of No isn’t going to Washington to work for We The People, they’re off to keep their corporate cash cows happy.

And I don’t say this as a registered Democrat. I say this as a mother with years of experience bandaging scraped knees and developing a sixth sense about trouble.

This morning I can feel trouble brewing and we’re all powerless to stop it.