Since my post regarding how staged I believe the scenes from Sarah’s un-reality TV series were/are, I have received two lovely emails from Patrick over at Palingates detailing facts about the Palin’s backyard. Palingates link is over there ->

As an update to the original post, a video found at the Alaska Dispatch from July 2010 (made specifically to show the infamous 14′ fence) was added which showed no table and chairs set and no visible patio or cement slab, as Sarah calls it. I questioned whether or not the patio even existed before the filming of the TLC series and used the missing patio, table and chairs to further assert my disbelief of Sarah’s claim that this was in fact her favourite place to write in the whole world.

Patrick provided links… here, here, here and here to photos taken from 2009 forward which clearly show the cement slab did exist prior to the TLC filming, and the table and chairs on occasion stood on the patio. So it appears the invisible patio of July 2010 is just an optical illusion, a slightly off camera angle that tricked an old pair of eyes.

However, the table and chairs are not on the patio on 26 July 2010, reinforcing my contention that it is removed and replaced at Sarah’s convenience and is not a permanent fixture as she infers when she makes the claim that this is her favourite place to write in the whole world.

Although I must admit, having a moveable place to write also fits in with Sarah’s personality disorder of this was my favourite place to write in the whole world until it wasn’t. 

Pfft – patio furniture is certainly meant to be taken indoors during storms or snow seasons, so why care if it’s not there for one picture and back for another?

Because Sarah is using this setting, her cement patio, table and chairs to cement her image of being a professional writer. This is her favourite place to write in the whole world(See? Look at me! I’m a writer! I have a favourite spot and everything!)

Oh yes, and now that you can see I’m a real writer, you’ll believe that nosy ‘ol Joe McGinniss drove me out of my favourite place to write! Darn it!

The fact that the patio already existed and the table and chairs periodically appear in pictures on the patio does not change my mind that Sarah staged this Utopic Writing Place to emphasize her point that Joe McGinniss caused her great personal discomfort and inconvenience by renting the house next door.

That’s just another Sarah Palin fabrication, right up there with claiming to be a writer in the first place.

This bare table and chairs in the middle of nowhere can’t possibly be anyones favourite place in the whole world to write. It can’t even be a dinner table for a family sporting five kids and at least one grandchild.

The perfect place to write? In the middle of God’s Country? Really?

Let me repeat myself:
There is no shelter to protect her from wind, sudden showers or effects of the sun. There is no overhead protection to fend off UV rays, deterioration of her paper research material, or her eyes. (People don’t normally read oudoors without shading, even when it’s overcast as the sun’s glare makes it impossible to focus for any length of time, not to mention it’s also harmful to one’s eyes.)
Lastly, there is no comfy chair in which to curl up for the hours and hours it takes to actually, you know… write.

If it’s the Alaska scenery she’s after, Sarah could easily see all of Lake Lucille and the trees beyond from inside her house, behind one of the many windows overlooking the beautiful Alaska skyline, surrounded with all the creature comforts $20mil can provide and safe from harsh elements and perceived-nosy neighbours.

Well and truly, I appreciate Palingates input. I have great respect for the work Patrick and the rest do over there and find myself  a bit flattered that my little post even came under their radar.

Thanks again! It’s pretty important these days (with all the real journalists in hiding) for us to keep each other honest and accurate and I sincerely appreciate the cement slab correction 🙂

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