David Kernell, the young man convicted of breaking into one of three yahoo email accounts Sarah Palin unethically used for state business had his sentence passed down today. It’s probably easier to just post this link to Palingates coverage than to rewrite it here. Be sure to read the entire summary as Palingates provides a unique outside the U.S. perspective on the whole incident.

In my mind, this is a perfect example of something not-so-bad blown completely out of proportion by the reigning Palins with the help of an adoring media. I am so tired of the media giving these people carte` blanche just because their bizarre behaviour  is fodder for good ratings – but now, to have helped Sarah turn a curious college student into a major class felon – that’s the Palin/Media brand gone too far.

With Sarah Palin in command we no longer need to go outside the U.S. to find political prisoners. We’re now making them right in our own backyard. 

Tell us, Sarah, when two of your children, Track and Willow got into trouble with the law over destroying public and private property, what happened to them again? Oh that’s right. You built them a big house and took them shopping.

Nice one Sarah. Very presidential of you.

=============== Update ===============

Palingates has updated their report with portions of the actual testimonies posted here along with links to the complete .pdf files.

We have known since the testimony was given that Sarah and Bristol lied under oath as (at the time) many of us were godsmacked to note that Mr.Kernell’s attorney ignored the perjury. He was trying to keep the trial focused on the facts rather than let it wander off into a media frenzy about Sarah… and of course no one will ever know if that was the right way to go for his client or not.

Jeanne Devon at The Mudflats posted aerial photos of the Palin house in Wasilla after Bristol claimed – under oath – to be alone, without telephone service  and miles from nowhere. The photos clearly show the Palin house is not out in the boondocks. Other witnesses corroborated the fact that two secret service persons were living at the Wasilla house and so at no time could Bristol have ever been alone and/or in mortal danger. But the judge never heard these facts. Bristol and Sarah’s testimomies stayed on the record and unchallenged.

I no longer have a link to the AKM post above. Maybe one of you have it and can post it in comments? Believe it or not I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner while typing these posts today. It’s a version of my new tradition since moving to Australia that I fondly call An America Thanksgiving (a week late and in the wrong country).

Off to get a pumpkin pie in the oven… NOBODY DO ANYTHING EXCITING UNTIL I GET BACK!

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