People across the country are noticing how those contestants who are genuinely working at becoming good/better dancers are being forced off the show while Bristol, who puts in almost no effort at all is voted back on week after week.

I read about how the Christian Right has organized massive votes to keep Bristol Palin on DWTS over at The Immoral Minority and went surfing to see what I could find from other posters. Because really, week after week, we all sort of grit our teeth and just pray she doesn’t fall and hurt herself  because let’s face it – the girl is just an abominably bad dancer. 

This is what I found:

Lovely Mittal –
Almost every week she gets the lowest scores particularly from the judges but she manages to slip back due to the voting system in the show which has a call in facility ,wherein the fans and supporters can just call and contribute to the number of votes to the contestant of their choice.
However in Bristol’s case there are reports doing the rounds that she gets her support from her mom Sarah Palin’s supporters.

As Sarah Palin is being seen as a strong contender for the forthcoming 2012 Presidential elections in the US, it is being floating around that the supporters of Sarah Palin are quite supportive of Bristol’s position in the coveted contest.

AAyles –
Bristol Palin is not a good dancer. America may be stupid enough to waste their votes on a contestant who clearly shows no talent and little passion for the competition but the judges are there to do a job… For the first time in the history of Dancing with the Stars, that is not happening.

Celebrity Circuit –
NEW YORK (CBS) After Tuesday night’s “Dancing with the Stars” elimination, many were surprised that Rick Fox was sent home – and equally as shocked that Bristol Palin is still in the competition.

Some may be wondering if her mother’s devoted Tea Party following is what’s keeping the young competitor afloat.

Jeff Kane –
[Kane reports that Bristol tells Ellen – even though she obtained an absentee ballot, she forgot to mail it in so she didn’t actually vote in the 2010 midterm elections. ] My favourite line comes at the very end:

“I wonder if her mom being on the (2012) ticket would be motivation enough for Bristol Palin to take five minutes out of her busy day to fill out a ballot and mail it in. She has to have at least some free time because judging by how she is dancing; she clearly isn’t spending her time in rehearsals.”

Jeff Kane –
So did Bristol Palin really get that many calls? We will never know. DWTS has never revealed how their scoring system works. They have simply said that they take the judges scores and combined them with the votes, plug those numbers into a formula and come up with a final score. Since nobody knows how many votes people are getting it is impossible to know how this formula really works. Or, for that matter, if there is a formula at all. Perhaps Bristol has such a connection with the conservative side of the audience that they call in en masse and those votes help keep her around. Or maybe the producers know she is good for publicity and stirs up controversy and helps with ratings so they massage the numbers and keep her around.

I might have my tinfoil hat on, but after last night I think maybe there might be some truth out there among the fog.

A few of the comments:

Katttie: have not watched the show this year at all; very disinterested which started with “professional” dancers winning the competition in prior years. Now we have a very incompetent dancer who should have been voted off the first show, embarrassingly remaining, week after week…..thanks to the unfair advantage of the Tea Party. Shame on the show for not foreseeing this problem – it is very unfair to the remaining dancers. I don’t plan on ever watching again, haven’t missed it one bit.

mariapalestina: agree Bristol has worked hard and improved a lot along the way. But she must know she’s not up to the level of any of the other dancers, and I think part of the reason she is depressed (which she said she is) could be that she knows she doesn’t deserve to still be there. I don’t blame her if the Tea Baggers are trying to skew the voting. It’s just a shame because people should be judged for their dancing rather than for their mother’s politics.

ELBK: I’ve seen a couple of Tea Party blogs where they praise Bristol’s dancing and diss some of the other dancers’ style as “over the top.” Every week they post the number to call for Bristol and Mark. You know, though, the show should have foreseen this happening and, what’s more, they put this poor girl who is the only contestant without a performer background, in a position where she suffers humiliation week after week … If she wins the whole shibang, I don’t care. It’s just a dance contest.

ELBK: I like Bristol and really feel for her as she struggles to keep up on DWTS. She has landed “in jeopardy” so often, based on the judges’ scores, but then is magically lifted back into the contest by the voters. I voted for Bristol at the beginning and the night her mother was on I could not get through on the phone, which is unusual for DWTS. There is no doubt in my mind now that the Tea Baggers are voting for Bristol en masse and, if it keeps up, she will end up winning. That would be so unfair to the other, more talented people. DWTS should have foreseen this scenario. Not only is it unfair to the other dancers, but to Bristol also, who probably will catch on to what is going on if she hasn’t already, plus make the other dancers resent her.

Gary: SHUT UP ALREADY! If that was Chelsea Clinton up there you would all be stumbling over yourselves to vote for her! I think its great shoving another PALIN in all the liberals faces and actually the shock is they have yet to MANIULATE the vote to get her off! Sorry but the fat black dude from Disney goes tonite! Your lives are so meaningless that all you have to do is attack anything to do with Sarah Palin the rest of your lives? GO GET ONE!

One thing’s sure noticeable… people who are clearly not Palin fans are kind and generous with their comments about Bristol. People who clearly are Palin fans are nasty, threatenting and have no room in their world for any opinion other than their own. hmm…

But I’ve saved the very best for last:

Regan: Bristol’s mother is paying for people to attend the show???? I just read the article @ this link, and I have to say I was honestly disgusted.  It’s sad to see performing arts come to this. 😦

The link provided in this comment leads us to the TV Watch page and this tidbit:

It’s a long and expensive flight from Alaska to Los Angeles, but Bristol Palin has had a steady cheering section in the ballroom for Dancing With the Stars. How? Her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, have been treating family and friends to plane tickets …As for how Piper, 9, and Willow, 16, manage to be in the ballroom on school nights, Palin says, “We work with the school to bring their schoolwork with us.”

You know I’m over 6,000 miles from Alaska but I swear I just heard Gryphen spit coffee across the room.

And at the very bottom of the article is a bonus announcement… evidently there’s a new People’s mag inteview hitting the stands Friday (oh that would be today!) called an in-depth look into Sarah and Todd’s 22 year marriage… Ok at least a dozen Alaskans lost their coffee on that one 🙂

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