Perhaps in the interest of fairplay the producers of Dancing With The Stars should have  provided each Season 11 contestant with a national, political website from which to garner public votes. Flashing their names and vote-numbers across the screen a few times during each of the live performances doesn’t quite compare to the 24/7 national vote-solicitation campaign granted Bristol Palin by her mother’s PAC websites. Oh look here’s one now:

From Conservatives4Palin:

So let me get this straight… I don’t have to watch the show or even like dancing. I just have to know this is Sarah’s kid and she wants myvote. Umm… ok! Wait… Sarah’s tweeting…

“Passion of the Christ” waltz eh? Oh that sounds so spiritual…

Wow. Christianity sure has changed since I went to church every Sunday. Because I definitely don’t remember anything in the bible about pulling your skirt way over your head while a half-naked guy leers at your bare legs, flailing his arms and drooling.

Maybe I was sick that day.

Here’s the thing. This little peek is brought to you by the video folks at PalinTV. (You knew mom was organizing her own TV network, right?) It’s posted on Conservatives 4 Palin, right beside the SarahPAC donation button, just beneath the Sarah’s Legal Defense Fund button, just on the other side of the Buy These Sarah Palin Books buttons and…

But thats ok because Bristol told us herself – her votes all come from ordinary folks just like her, not anything to do with her mom’s political connections. People who say that are just jealous.

Riiiiight… and I’m tall and blonde.

I’m not big on these reality shows. The winner is seldom the guy I cheered on. But this is so unbalanced it’s just dirty wrong and I hope the producers of DWTS-11 catch a lot of flack over this obvious stacking of the deck, with voting rules overwhelmingly favouring one contestant over the rest.

Dirty dancing  is one thing – dirty voting is quite another.


H/T @ Commenter Joe (thanks for the link!)

This posted at Evil Beet Gossip – a photo of Bristol coming out of the Cheesecake Factory in L.A. 16 November 2010

I don’t mean to be mean but… let’s lighten it up shall we?

Wait… what’s that?

Yanno… where I come from that’s not junkfood.
Looks like a five-month bump to me.
So much for abstinence, eh?

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