Sarah Palin is already campaigning for the office of President of The United States. The truly odd part about her campaign is… she really doesn’t want the job. She’s proved this by quitting every position she’s ever held, sans her stint as mayor of Wasilla. Oh wait – she kept that job but only because she was allowed to hire someone else (at the tax payers expense) to actually do it for her.

The truly sad part about her campaign is… it distracts those people who were elected from focusing on why they were elected, which was supposed to be serving the people. You remember – us.

There’s a reason we pause between election cycles. It’s to allow elected officials the opportunity to put partisanship aside and work together for the good of the citizens. To make America just a little bit better than it was before. To solve the new problems that arise as the population grows and cultures within the country change.

We stop campaigning so we can take stock of how far we’ve come from where we’ve been and make report cards on our leaders to see how they stand up to their predecessors, and our needs. And then we let them get to the job of governing.

When our elected officials have to spend time and energy defending their offices from campaign rhetoric and constant stump-speech accusations, very little gets done in the name of moving our country forward.

Most people understand this. 

Enter Sarah, stage left, using wine & cheese politics to promote herself by tweeting, Facebooking, reality TV showing and mock-commentarying on Fox. If your city doesn’t get its roads fixed this year or that new hospital built, well at least you’ll all know who to thank.

Sarah Palin… the party of me. 

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