Even if the highly unlikely probability of winning a presidential election happens, Sarah Palin would never be president. And here’s why…

The Presidency is an actual job. Sarah doesn’t do jobs. Sarah hires other people to do  jobs for her. I’m pretty sure POTUS can’t just hire a Finance Manager and then leave the Oval office every day at 3pm to go watch soaps on TV.

Presidents of other countries, when meeting with POTUS to discuss solutions to world problems expect to engage in stimulating, intellectual conversations. Sarah doesn’t do stimulating, intellectual conversations. Sarah brings cookies and has her picture taken while handing them out to starving villagers, displaced by harsh winter storms, to illustrate her generous nature and problem-solving prowess.

POTUS is expected to have his or her photo taken several times a day, gratis, with any number of charitable organizations, winners of school contests, heads of state, newly elected officials, etc. Sarah doesn’t do photos for free. Sarah routinely charges as much as $5k to have her photo taken with a payee.

POTUS is expected to give several speeches per week, including a weekly address to the nation. He is not paid extra for any of these speeches. Sarah doesn’t do free speeches. Sarah doesn’t speak for less than $75k and then says as little as possible. (Unless she’s appearing on Fox where she says even less.)

Pardoning a turkey each year before Thanksgiving is a POTUS tradition. Sarah doesn’t do turkey pardoning as much as she stands in front of national media, live, on air and shows the country how a turkey is slaughtered after having been pardoned.

At a meeting of international delegates, POTUS is expected to remember the names and countries of each delegte as he or she speaks to them individually. Sarah doesn’t do names or countries. Sarah can’t even seem to remember where her youngest son was born. Wasilla? Anchorage? Well really it’s all just semantics, isn’t it. At least he was born a fish picker.

POTUS is expected to work with congress to repair our failing healthcare system and come up with new, innovative ways to incorporate private healthcare insurance with government-sponsored medicare. Sarah doesn’t do government-sponsored healthcare. Sarah thinks we should all just hop over the border into Canada and let their government handle our healthcare needs.

In times of crisis, POTUS is expected to take responsibility and to be the calming voice of reason – the steady mind that leads the public away from panic and towards useful solutions. Sarah doesn’t do calm. Sarah does whine, blame and point, and all at the top of her lungs.

Our President faces tough decisions every day. From immigration to offshore drilling rights, POTUS is poised to deal with a daily myriad of problems, and often is expected to voice possible solutions off the cuff, at a moment’s notice. Sarah doesn’t do tough decisions. Sarah spews whatever idiotic idea pops into her head at the time with no apparent concept of self-editing. Her idea of solving the immigration problems in America consists of building a 6k mile, 14′ tall wooden fence. Her offshore drilling solutions are to bring all offshore drilling to Alaska where its – safe.

And the #1 reason why Sarah Palin will never be President:

The White House staff consists of approximately 2,500 federal employees. This does not include the President’s cabinet or his personal staff. Hundreds of people run interference with and review his correspondence, including emails and telephone calls. His staff makes his schedules, plans his events and come and go between their offices and the Oval Office, routinely.

On top of this, POTUS works intimately and daily with his cabinet of 22+ members. These are the people in whom he confides and trusts to ask their counsel and advice. The President, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice President and Cabinet members all purportedly have no secrets. Well, very few anyway.

Sarah Palin’s entire world is built on secrets. Secrets closely guarded by a handful of trusted supporters. In fact,her inner circle of trusted individuals is smaller today then when she was picked to be John McCain’s running mate, two years ago because Sarah fires anyone she perceives to have wronged her – whether her perception is accurate or not.  Sarah trusts no one.

Sarah Palin can never be POTUS because Sarah Palin could never handle the sheer number of people expected to be let into her inner circle in order for her to function as President.

Sarah Palin’s entire four-year campaign for the Presidency is a farce.  As a campaign vehicle it does not exist. It does exist, however in the minds of her supporters. Sarah has seen to that. It is perhaps the biggest money-making vehicle to which this country has ever been exposed. It reminds me of an old science fiction story where locals are conned into letting the big alien machine into their town and they feed it everything they can find because they’ve been told it’s the most important machine in the world – that by feeding and protecting it they were the chosen ones…  and then they were told it needed to be fed!

With the help of the gullible townspeople, the machine slowly gobbles up the town, land and people and all.

Sarah Palin will never be president. But she will, if left to her own devices, gobble up the country, the land and the people and all until like the fictional town above, there’s nothing left. 

For some reason my link function doesn’t work this morning. This is one of many cartoons found at About.com: Political Humor called Best Palin Cartoons. (http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/bl-palin-cartoons.htm?PS=243%3A17)


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