Malia Litman, Progressive Alaska and Palin’s Q & A all reported today on Sarah Palin’s huge North Korea – South Korea gaffe on Glenn Beck’s radio show. It didn’t take long for the youtube vid’s to start popping up 🙂

So… Sarah Palin thinks we are pals with communist North Korea, eh? Did she forget this speech?

Even our youth voices concerns over a possible Palin presidency…

It’s not like Sarah hasn’t made this mistake already It’s not like we the people haven’t been repeatedly warned:

January 2010 – The Telegraph, UK

Sarah Palin will have to watch her north and south

A new book lays bare the astonishing depth and breadth of Palin’s ignorance and her risible unsuitability for the job of vice-president, writes Liz Hunt.

January 2010 – Extra! Korea,

Sarah Palin, North and South Korea and Semantics

Sarah Palin (R) said Tuesday night that it was “a lie” that she didn’t know the difference between North Korea and South Korea during the 2008 presidential campaign.

November 2010 –

Sarah Palin: ‘We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies’

A slip of the tongue by Sarah Palin mixing up North and South Korea is a reminder of the credibility hurdles she faces…

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Indeed, I found no less than 1,000 hits for articles/youtube videos featuring Sarah Palin and her total lack of understanding basic U.S. history.

Are we done yet? She still running? Rats…

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