“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Through The looking Glass, Lewis Caroll

The rabbit hole opened up when we re-elected George W. Bush to a second term. As if one term of being led by a village idiot hadn’t been enough to scar our worldwide image and send the value of education flying backwards through time at warp speed, we gluttonously paraded him in front of millions upon mllions of fellow homosapiens as our shining example of America’s best of breed – for an additional four years.

Had he only served one term, we could have called his election a fluke and forgotten about him entirely under the new leadership of almost anyone else.  But no – we turned around and gave him a second shot, thus obliterating any hope of being able to claim temporary insanity – and we became the real idiots in the eyes of the rest of the world.

If only it stopped there…

But (and aye, here’s the rub) by re-electing G Dubya we made being an idiot and the president, an acceptable combination. Something other village idiots could now realistically strive to achieve. The bar was now sufficiently lowered. The U.S. Presidency was officially up for grabs.

Then Georgies second term was finally coming to a close and primaries began. John McCain, war hero and POW survivor easily won the Republican nomination. The ever-popular Sen. Hillary Clinton surprisingly lost the Democratic nomination to an almost unknown Sen. Barack Obama. Then Joe Biden was put on the Democratic ticket instead of  Sen. Clinton, as most had speculated. And suddenly…

… John McCain realised if he had a female on his ticket he stood to pick up all those lovely, crisp feminist votes just dropped to the ground by the Hillary-backers. But…

…there wasn’t much time left for careful vetting. So the traditional vetting process was put aside and Google hits became the primary Republican source of research for this most important position of Vice President-to-be.

The shame of it is, John McCain originally had a lot of time to properly vet his VP choices. He simply didn’t because he wanted only one person to join him on the ticket; Sen. Joseph Lieberman. The trouble was, Liebeman was pro-choice and that infuriated the Republican conservative base. In the end, McCain had to abandon his dream of sharing the ticket with Lieberman, but by stubbornly dragging his heels on the issue for so long, he’d wasted several months of being able to properly vet anyone else.

Earlier, (and I can’t recall if this was before or just after the Republican primaries elected McCain) when the Republicans were gearing up for pitting a candidate against Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, new governor of Alaska, had heard she might be tapped for the Republican ticket. She’d already set herself apart from the herd by loudly lobbying in D.C. for federal funding on behalf of Alaska and for just as loudly going head to head with the boys from big oil. And it was already her personal policy to never turn down free publicity and in fact allowed many of her gubernatorial duties and meetings with people like Sen. Ted Stevens to be video taped and posted on youtube.

So when John McCain had to finally let go of Lieberman and instructed his staff to find a female, Sarah’s youtube hits proved to be her most valuable asset.

Talk about irony…

Next up: “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Through The looking Glass, Lewis Caroll

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