Christina Taylor Greene – born on 9/11 and part of the “Faces of  Hope” book released after the trajedy – was killed today when a deranged gunman went after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on his personal crusade to clean up the U.S.Government. Full Reuter’s story here

Take a good look at this beautiful little girl, Sarah Palin- and know that it was your viscious, unwaranted, nagging attacks on our federal government that set the tone for the circumstances  which contributed to her unnecesary death.

There are simply no words to adequately describe my growing anger toward the mind-searing ignorance of those irresponsible politicians and television entertainment moguls who are and continue to be responsible for glamorizing the erroneous idea that the U.S. Government is an evil entity which must be destroyed at all costs.

How many more nine year olds need to die before the Republican redNeck Communities of the U.S. figure out they’ve been swindled by a pair of Naughty Monkey Shoes and a donor button?

Promise me there’s a special place in Hell for these people…