12 January 2011

Ventured to the Queen’s Park Lookout for a birdseye view, and then drove around the hospital and behind the library for a closer look.

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Center of Ipswich:



The flowers however, are loving this wet weather. We found all of these walking the two blocks from where we parked the car to the roped-off intersection:


On the way home we actually found a produce market open and scored fresh bananas, a pineapple, cherry tomatoes and navel oranges.

Then it rained again and the power went off.

13 January 2011

The death toll has held at 10 for Southeast Qld but the number missing fluctuates between 48 and 90. We’ve discovered a cousin of ours is stranded and has been without power since Monday evening.  We’re going to try to get to her this afternoon. Spouse has gone off to find bread and milk and another transistor radio.

The sun is out and reports indicate that neither the Brisbane nor the Bremer Rivers rose as high as anticipated which is a really good thing. The consequences of all this water leaving our little hamlets of course means that the hamlets below us on the map will all now and each experience flooding of their own.

Well… I suppose the water has to go somewhere.

Sidenote:  There is a little town called Chincilla – last night it was flooded – for the fourth time in a year. Seems they just recover from one flood and another hits. The company I work for is organizing a drive to collect and deliver food and blankets. Many businesses are doing the same all around the country.

The Australian Federal Govt has reported already handing out more than $17 million to displaced families by way of cash disbursements so people suddenly without homes can buy food and supplies. This amount is expected to quadruple in the next week.

 More later – we’re off to try and reach cousin Margaret.

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