Four words in the English language will prevent Sarah Palin from winning any substantive election in 2012 or – ever. Four words. Four words she refuses to embrace. Four words she shuns as if they held a deadly contagion. Maybe it’s not her fault. Maybe she’s just not physically capable of pronouncing them. Like those clicking, tribal sounds we white people can’t make without risking permanent nasal damage or lockjaw.

It’s a shame, though, because they aren’t difficult words. They require the barest amount of humility on the part of the speaker and can (and have been) historically faked many times by politicians who recognize that strategically placed in a sound-byte, these four words can actually help one garner important votes – whether the words were uttered with sincerity on their part or not.

Sarah, it seems, can’t even feign faked humility.

We know from transcripts of private lectures, youtube clips of television interviews and eight episodes of her Fox reality show that Sarah doesn’t just not incorporate these words into any of her speeches or conversations, she deliberately goes well out of her way to avoid them.

For someone aspiring to the highest office in the land, her refusal to speak these four words demonstrates a degree of intellectual bankruptcy with which we can ill-afford to entrust our politics, our economy, our country or our launch codes.

Pity.  She coulda been a contendah…

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