First – I want to apologize for making my previous post ‘too clever’. The four words I meant would keep Sarah from ever being elected again were “Good job Mr. President”. She can’t compliment her own president – ever – for anything – and that single bit of disrespect has become the ‘nails on the blackboard’ for a growing number of people.

Now – my multi-part twofold question is about these emails coming out (supposedly in May) and all the delays and extensions asked for and received until now.

1. When government emails have portions ‘redacted’ – isn’t that meant/intended to keep private,  content which might otherwise jeopardize state/federal/national security? If so, what possible, legitimate ‘state secrets’ could be redacted from a governor’s emails between the governor and her say husband or best friend or hairdresser or… and who gets to decide what gets to be redacted… and are there any checks and balances within the redacting process?

2. What possible, legitimate reasons could the Palin Administration offer for ‘redacting’ much of the email content? And if the ‘redacted’ content somehow proved to not be ‘state secrets’, wouldn’t that, then, be illegal?

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around number of delays the administration has been granted. What reasons could they possibly have poresented that persuaded a judge/judges to grant them 15 continuances over a period of 2+ years?

And why isn’t that – in itself – considered an abuse of the system?

Brother – one question leads to many, many more…