From the AAP:

Tropical Cyclone Anthony has been downgraded to a low after crossing the Queensland coast near Bowen, south of Townsville.

It was a category two cyclone when it made landfall about 10pm (AEST) on Sunday but quickly weakened into a low pressure system.

Queensland Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Vikash Prasad says there have been rain falls of up to 300mm in the Mackay area.

Mr Prasad said there could be some flash floods with fast stream rises occurring in the upper Pioneer River catchment and the Don River.

There are flood warnings for coastal rivers and streams between Bowen and Sarina, south of Mackay.

“It’s still delivering heavy rain to the northern part of the central highlands,” Mr Prasad told AAP.

“The rain will decrease quite significantly later in the morning.”

He said wind gusts were also dying down after reaching 124km/h at Hamilton Island.

The ex-cyclone is now moving towards Longreach in Queensland’s central west.

A second more damaging cyclone is still heading towards Queensland and is expected to cross the coast on Wednesday night or Thursday.

Cyclone Yasi is just north of Vanuatu, about 2000 kilometres east-northeast of Bowen.

Mr Prasad said the category one cyclone is tracking towards Queensland’s north coast and is expected to intensify very quickly over the coming days.

“It’s too early to know what category it will be (when it crosses) but we would expect it to be at least a category four,” he said.

It appears I got the name wrong in the previous post. The ‘Goliath’ cyclone behind Anthony is called “Yasi”. My ear picked it up as Yeti. One would think, after living here for so many years I wouldn’t still have trouble with the Oz accent or pronounciation of certain words and syllables, but alas that’s not the case. Seems you can take the girl out of the San Francisco educational system, but…

In my defense, I live where a name like Marysborough is commonly pronounced Mir`brah, Indooroopilly is pronounced indrah-pill-ee, pressure has only one ‘r’ (presh-ah) oregano isn’t an (h)erb it’s a her-b and if that’s not bad enough, they pronounce it or-ee-gahn-oh. If I were Italian I’d  cry.

I’ll look for satellite shots of Yasi after I get some work done for the nice lady who puts money in my bank 🙂

Today is my last day to visit the Palin blogs. I’m thinking of asking the chemist if there’s a patch…

There’s already a youtube video of tracking Yasi. Bloody oath!