…and so it is with eyes wide open I take a deep breath, muster courage and step boldly into the No-Palin Zone. For the next 28 days this post will not acknowledge a single tweet, FB rant, news retort or remark of any sort regarding Madame Sarah Palin.

It should be an interesting experiment in self-control. Especially with all the gossip on the horizon. Nonetheless, I made a promise and truly believe that not blowing smoke up her skirt for a month is a step in the right direction toward this woman-powered-by-hot-air’s permanent deflation.

When my nephew was three years old and going through a phase of monumental tantrum-throwing, his GP advised his mother and me to stop trying to find ways to quiet him down. He told us to literally walk away from him instead and act as if he wasn’t even in the room. After a fashion, it actually worked.

If you think about it, nothing else has worked for those of us who have been battling Sarah’s insanity  since August of 2008. Maybe a little child psychology is what was meant to be used on her daily, relentless immature temper tantrums in the first place 🙂