There are several places on the net to make donations to Queenslanders whose lives have been tragically interrupted by the December  –  January floods and Hurricane Yasi. I’ll get to them further on. This particular bit of fundraising touched me the most though and I’m anxious to share it with you.

Qld is a huge tourist state. Much of the state’s income revolves around tourism. Films are made, songs are written, slogans created. Sometimes a song catches on and rather than writing a new one each year, whole campaigns are created around a newer rendition of the original. Love You Queensland, for example, (just the one line) has been aired on television for as long as I can remember in that little ten second slot between shows and commercials that display the channels call number. The whole song, however, has morphed many times. It’s rather like watching someone take your favourite stuffed chair and recover it every year. It’s always the same, just different.

This particular rendition was created with added flood footage. It is perhaps one of the best testaments to the spirit of Queenslanders.

If you purchase the song for itunes, the money goes to flood relief. (Visit for more information)

Love you Queensland:

How beautiful is that…

More links for donations, flood information:

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s Disaster Relief Appeal.  Lots of government info on this site.

Courier Mail – Sunday Mail This is a wonderful site – It’s called Helping Hands: Queensland Recovers and it has everything all on one page. Where to donate, where to give help, where to get help, where to find people, where to get advice on rebuilding your broken home or business and finally, this little gem that I think is brilliant:

Back In Business live map  Across the country, from the flooded areas to the burned sites, this map allows you to see what businesses are back up and running. It’s interactive, allowing the public to both view and add information. The huge banner says Tell your customers you’re trading again!

Then… I found this on Crikey and was riveted. A diary-like writing by a woman who watched the water rise as she packed up the family house and all of her memories. But it should come with a warning – something like ‘Tissues rated – two-box read!

I’m enjoying my she-who-must-not-be-named break, by the way, although I miss IM, Mudflats, Shannyn, PA, Palingates and P&K like crazy. Oh and all your glowing comments on the sites about (hmm-hmm) I miss all the wonderful snark! Although I noticed my skin looks clearer, my eyes are no longer bloodshot and I’m pretty sure my blood pressure is more normal than it’s been in a couple of years.

Is it possible to get indigestion from watching someone on youtube? I must remember to ask my doctor…

17 days to go 🙂

Edit: Hahahaha – I misspelled the word ‘flair’ in the title., making it ‘flare’ by mistake. And nobody caught it either! Where’s the spelling/grammar police when you really need them!