That row of muddy looking kindling [above header] used to be quite tall trees lining the river at Colleges Crossing. They fed flocks of wild parrots, nurtured Koalas and provided shade for some of Australia’s smaller flora and fauna. A couple of weeks ago, spouse and I had occasion to cross the bridge at Colleges Crossing and took some shots from the car window, on the fly. A week later, we got the news that the Department of Water decided to open the floodgates in one of the upper dams and this road would be closed for ten days as it would be under water. The decision was based upon weather forecasts of more rain to come in March so the rush to make room in the dams was on.

As soon as the bridge reopened, we went back with the camera and – in the rain – took more shots of Colleges Crossing and the Weir above. I have a few scaled but it will be the weekend before the lot is done and fit for posting.

As hard as it might be to imagine, there are still homes just sitting, waiting for insurance companies to make their assessments before any clean up can begin – from last January’s flooding. I saved a couple of shots from the papers of people standing in ankle-deep muddy water in rooms without roofs and beside soggy furniture. They are not allowed to try and rescue anything or clean anything until after the insurance agents have documented their claims and taken photos. A task that is taking what seems like forever.

Needless to say, there are items which might have been salvaged which are now almost assuredly, just rubbish, and foundations which might have dried out, given half a chance,  but now need to be replaced completely. The losses just don’t seem to stop for some of our flood victims.

There is a list of links on the right specifically for gathering donations for the families caught in the recent Queensland floods. Please give if you can.

Thanks – OzMud