I’ve just come from the Post where I’ve sent my 90+ year old mother in California a lovely pressie for her upcoming birthday. I deliberately kept the package as lightweight as possible so the postage wouldn’t kill me. I like to send everything airmail because the alternative takes 8 weeks.

The nice lady who usually processes my overseas parcels (with kids, grandkids and other assorted rellies I send a lot of parcels to the U.S.) weighed my package, told me how much it was going to cost then added “And there will be an additional charge of $9.00 as per instructions from U.S. Customs.”

My $24 airmail package just jumped up to $33.

U.S. Customs has instructed all foreign postal offices to collect an across-the-board $9.00 USD fee PER PARCEL to offset the cost of handling by U.S. Homeland Security to keep the U.S. secure.

$9.00 – whether it’s a DVD or a moosehead.

Guess who’s NOT going to be sending monthly packages any more…