…apparently the reseachers aren’t the brightest crayons in the box either:

Full Story Here. By the way, a commenter on this story noted that Fox placed the city of Sendai on the southern end of Japan. It’s actually north of Fukushima – well of course it is, the entire city of Sendai was washed away in the tsunami because it was so close to the earthquake epicentre it was ONE OF THE CITIES HARDEST HIT! Which could NOT have happend if it was located on the southern tip of Japan! Does ANYONE at FNC know geography???


So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear the following was a real quote and not just a bit of holiday humour 🙂

And on a final note, just in a late observation, I was listening to a very funny bit on Palin by Kathy Griffin and she mentioned something that struck a nerve. It does my head in when people still refer to Palin as ‘Gov. Palin’ because – she quit! Ms. Griffin brought up the point that when a king abdicates his throne HE DOESN’T GET TO KEEP HIS TITLE!

So really, if anyone in Alaska wants to start a petition… I’m in!