…but today, while having lunch I did a bit of Googling and to my dismay discovered that not only is this unimaginable tale NOT a hoax, this deranged woman isn’t the only poor-excuse-of-a-mother out there injecting her young child with botox.

Story #1 from The Sun:

Several blogs have picked up this story but Mama Mia’s closing editorial remark struck me as the most relevant:

”It’s really really difficult to find the right words here. You might be more successful than me. But what troubles me most (on a long list of deeply troubling things about this story) is that this societal obsession we have with youth and perfection and erasing wrinkles and hair and all signs that we’re not human Barbie dolls, is trickling down to kids and parents. This case is extreme but is it symptomatic of a bigger problem?”

And of course from a different perspective one might argue that all the botox and body waxes and tattooed eyebrows and lips in the world won’t turn this little girl into a superstar unless she has that annoying little quality known as… talent. 


Story #2 from Daily Mail Online:

“A mother who controversially injected her teenage daughter with Botox is now teaching her seven-year-old daughter to poledance. Sarah Burge, 50, known as the ‘Human Barbie’ after spending half-a-million pounds on cosmetic surgery, claims that the poledancing lessons help daughter Poppy seven, to keep fit.

So the only thing more compelling than seeing a mother injecting her daughter with botox is seeing a mother injecting two daughters with botox and then teaching them how to poledance at the age of seven….

I am with a lot of commenters who simply do not understand how this is not considered a punishable-by-law form of child abuse. 

Botox is forever.

I am beyond appalled.