I don’t know the validity of this article and I seldom reprint articles at all but… this caught my attention because some part of my brain houses a memory about hearing, years ago, when the wounds of the Vietnam war were still fresh and raw and we lost people we loved to either Canada or a combination of bullets and wheelchairs, that Donald Trump had used his family money and ties to effectively dodge the draft. So I read this article twice, (not agreeing with most of the poilitical statements made but respectful of this man’s right to his opinion) and I thought – what the heck – print it and see where it leads. This is not the complete article. -Oz

‘Gordon Duff’s entire article printed on 02 May 2011 appears here.


Last week, Donald Trump was caught in a lie involving his lack of military service.  He told reporters he had a “high draft number” and missed service in Vietnam because of that.  He thought that story would fly.* Veterans Today picked up the story on March 31. (*This second link refers to the first article by Mr. Duff and it is perhaps the more thorough one to pass along. There’s even a video of The Donald but I didn’t make the connection. Maybe you can. -Oz)

Trump had been approached by The Veterans Revolution, a highly reputable and respected group in Los Angeles that works without funding to support the needs of homeless veterans.  When they asked Trump for help, his handlers gave them a major smackdown. 

They very carefully explained that Donald Trump was not interested in working with veterans…  <snip>

…What we learned is that, for 5 years, Donald Trump received deferment after deferment, first college, then graduate school and finally, after being found healthy and fit for years, when his student deferments ran out, he suddenly became “unfit” for service. 

But, it wasn’t just Donald Trump…  <snip> 

…Those with resources who choose to avoid military service but not leave the country typically, if they had either “luck” or, more likely political connections, were put in National Guard units. 

Congress is filled with such people, those who back war but ducked service are called Chickenhawks.



Trump was caught in a lie but Trump, at least, took the question.  Did anyone ever ask President Bush, “How did you get into the National Guard when there were no openings?”  Try following that up with questions about going AWOL or failed drug tests and you will be faced with a stonewall of classified documents, things that are public record for every other citizen.  Criminal records?  Yes, those too! 

Rather than belaboring the persecution of Donald “the Chump” Trump, the kind of screw-up that President Obama must have been praying for, we can make our minor point, and close for the morning:

The question isn’t whether Donald Trump had his medical records falsified so he could avoid military service. The point is that Donald Trump believed that claiming to have a “high draft number” was an excuse for not serving his country.  (Notwithstanding the fact that there were no “draft numbers” given out until Donald Trump had already avoided services for over 5 years. 

Those who volunteered and those who accepted the draft are dishonored by, not only Trump but the entire gang as well.

Post Script: