Spouse came up behind me while I was stretched out on the bed watching television. Winter has arrived early in Queensland. Days are shorter – nights are cold. Evenings spent watching television under the covers will be the perfect norm for a while.

Spouse curled up beside me and pulled my hair aside letting the cool night air waft across my bare neck. He leaned forward, his breath, heavy and warm and softly cooed…

“Don’t make any plans for the weekend.”

“Ooo. Why? What do you have in mind?”

“Rocky I, II, III and IV are on cable. And I just bought popcorn.”

Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice saying “…let him live, sweetie, let him live.”

That small albeit wise admonition has helped keep my marriage together lo  these many years.  On the other hand – Sly Stone and popcorn. Life just doesn’t get any better…