… try to wrap your head around this photo. This was the photo that did it for me. A lot of focus of late has been on the pink scarf flat stomach shot but back in November of 2008 we didn’t all have access to the same photos, most of the governors website photos were being scrubbed faster than the rest of us could record them with screenshots – and this was the one remaining photo that convinced me beyond doubt that Sarah Palin had faked her pregnancy.

From Oz Mudflats November 2008:

I defy anyone, anywhere, to have a pregnant woman duplicate this pose at 30 weeks. Sarah is clearly bending where a 30 week fetus should have made bending impossible. Her slim winter coat is fully zipped around her midsection. You can tell by the cut that it is not a maternity coat. It is a normal coat. Her knees are bent forward, she’s reaching with one arm fully extended and she’s not falling over.

For the record – I could not have stood like this in my second trimester – any of them – and this is 30 weeks – or 4 weeks into a third trimester. I could not button or zip any of my normal winter coats past the first trimester. I could not have bent at the knees, reached down and bent forward at the same time. And I was a dancer with extremely disciplined muscles.

Here – let me lighten this photo for you:

There is some misinformation in my older blog posts, but this isn’t it. In the early days we got the timeline wrong on her flights and travel from Texas to Wasilla. It took several months and many discussions with people who actually live in Alaska to sort the facts from rumours and misinformation. This is about none of that. This is about physics. Period.

This pose of Sarah’s was simply not possible. A 30-week fetus doesn’t just disappear because mom decides to bend over and pet a dog.

I’m off to read Geoffrey Dunn’s new book now… can you smell the popcorn?