Seems I ordered and received two copies of Frank Bailey’s Blind Allegiance by mistake and rather than go to the trouble and expense of shipping one copy back to the states and waiting around for a refund and dealing with the hassle of money exchange rates and fees, I thought I might just treat someone downunder to a free copy.

So – if you’re anywhere in Australia and you’d like Frank’s book just send me a mailing address via email ( and I’ll be happy to send it along. There’s only one so it will go to the first person who responds 🙂

I also ordered A singular Woman, the story of Barack Obama’s mother so my winter nighttime reading material is shaping up really well. Now I’m off to properly order Joe McGinniss’ version of The Rogue which is what I was after in the first place rofl!

============ UPDATE ============

Tania in South Australia has a book coming in the mail!

Cool 🙂