Dear American Press,

Sarah Palin’s campaign for the office of POTUS began on 6 March 2008 when she announced to a handful of your ADN peers that she was seven months pregnant. That’s the announcement that launched her head and shoulders above the other candidates John McCain had on his VP short list. How does this relate to a presidential run? Easy. Nobody ever risked simultaneously faking a pregnancy and making a lifetime commitment to raising a child only to aspire to second place.

And for Sarah Heath Palin, the office of Vice President would be just that: Second place. She said it herself in an interview in Isreal. When asked why she thought she and John McCain lost the 2008 election without hesitation her glib and inappropriate reply was because I wasn’t on the top of the ticket!

For all you political geniuses out there who believe she’s not touring the upper east coast collecting campaign money and bagging votes well – in my 60+ years of life shared on two continents under two governments, you’re the most naive bunch of journos I have ever seen.

Stop scratching your heads wondering if she’s running in 2012 or not. You can’t see it because you keep trying to fit her White House bid into a reasonable set of protocols. Stop it. There’s nothing reasonable about Sarah.

Stop chasing after her and hold still. Take a deep breath. Now – open your eyes and look at what’s right in front of you: Nobody takes a family holiday in an oversized bus decorated with campaign slogans and Republican memes, prominently plugging a PAC donation website unless they’re running for something. And for our Sarah, the only office worth the effort is the top one.

Sarah’s running for president. Count on it. She’s been running  for three years and she’s gambled everything on winning. You people just haven’t been paying attention.

So stop trying to cover your journalistic inadequacies with phrases like America is too smart to put Sarah Palin in the White House and go after the real story: Is America just stupid enough to put her there?