I am stunned. Flummoxed. Spent. Sarah’s parenting skllls just keep sinking lower and lower. What was she thinking, dragging her 10 year old whom she obviously has little to no control over, out and into the harsh glare of public scrutiny?

Behold the woman who would negotiate trillion dollar oil deals, elicit major environmental controls and peace treaties with entire countries and hostile governments – yet can’t get her own daughter to offer a flower in apology for shoving a reporter the day before… and weep with me:

We can’t just ask Piper to turn around we have to physically turn her.

Piper can’t take her hand away from her mouth because she’s too busy trying to hide the fact that she’s laughing her bum off at the lunacy of this whole fake apology thing. Well get used to it Piper, your mum fakes a lot of stuff!

How embarrassing is this! Not only is Sarah literally begging her 10 year old to cough up an apology, she’s doing it on national television, in front of strangers with cameras – and she’s losing! I’m guessing the flowers weren’t exactly Piper’s idea either, eh mum?

This has got to be truly one of the most humiliating moments of Sarah’s political career – caught on camera – and a valid reason why she should never ever make a serious play for the presidency (there would only be more and more footage of these little image-crushing tete-a-tetes made public).  Her 10 yr old daughter refuses to go along with her mother’s contrived apology and is so unintimidated by Sarah’s authorityshe refuses the flowers and shuns her mother, boldlywalking away in a perfect exit:  stage left.

…and as the sun sets on Jersey City, Mother Sarah is left to apologize for her daughter’s behaviour and hands the not-sorry-flowers over to some reporter who isn’t even the same reporter who required the apology in the first place.

I am stunned. Flummoxed. Spent.

FYI Sarah – a decent media manager would have arranged for the shoved reporter to meet with you and Piper privately, where she could have a one-on-one conversation with the man and maybe apologize sincerely and make friends with him. Piper would have learned a valuable lesson and the reporter might have been moved to write a heart-warming little human interest piece on the two of you.

And a mother in touch with her child would have bent over and whispered in her daughter’s ear what she expected to happen next with perhaps a gentle reminder of what might happen should the daughter be less than agreeable. But not on camera – not where a microphone might pick up the conversastion – and certainly not in a way as to add further humiliation to an already embarrassing situation. It’s not too late to take some parenting classes. I’m just saying…

Please America, please do not give this woman the launch codes. At least not while Piper is the one in control.