I’m really beginning to like this kid. She just may turn out to be the brightest colour in the Palin paint set. And she’s going to need an edge in life as I’ve just learned this poor child’s entire Christian name. Ready? Piper Indi Grace Palin. P.I.G. P.

Really Sarah? Todd? What on earth were you thinking! Are you trying to get her beat up at recess? At least give the kid a break and make it Grace Indi. For proponents of good ‘ol common sense idills, you two sure do keep smacking your heads against the idiot tree.

Good grief.

Well , in true Palin style, Sarah elected to pretend an embarrassing moment never happened (even though it did) and performed a surgically-altered do-over of Piper’s failed press apology.

On their way to the Statue of Liberty Piper – on camera – refused to apologize to the press for her cattle-dog-herding behaviour of the day before, having shoved a perfectly polite reporter aside in what looked like the 10 year old’s perceived role as mum’s bodyguard.

Not to be criticized for her inept parenting skills, Sarah stages a second chance for Piper to endear herself to the crowd of reporters (again) outside the Hyatt. Again Sarah holds two flowers (big chrysanthemums?) but this time Piper walks right up to the cameras and smiles big, allowing the nice journos to ask her questions which she politely answers without hesitation or visible anomosity, giggling all the way. I’m not sure the apology was ever given, but she was charming and seemingly good-natured and won them over. All’s well that ends well.

My spouse looked at the clip and said, walking out of the room “Ah! She negotiated a better deal! Wonder how much it’s going to cost Sarah?” I don’t know! But some of the shots from the clip seem to lend credence to his take on the matter…

Piper [whispering]: Remember mother – when this is over I get to go to FAO Schwarz and pick out anything I want, right?
Sarah [under her breath]: Um-hmm.

Piper [whispering]: And I get to stay as long as I want and play on the Big Piano and I get two desserts with dinner for the rest of this stupid trip, right?
Sarah [under her breath]: Uh-huh

Aww I was only kidding this morning, I really like you guys 🙂

I don’t know if any of you were convinced or not – but I can’t get this picture out of my head now…

Have fun Piper! I’m rooting for ya!