Many years ago *cough* I embarked on making my own Christmas cards. I drew a world globe covered with green dots and a pickle with a golden halo. Both were animated with eyes and arms and legs and holding a booklet of caroles. I called it “Peas on earth, Good dill toward man!”

Then I drew a plate with a steaming pile of asparagus, partially covered in a yellowy-creamy looking sauce with a sprig of holly on the top. I called it “Happy Hollandaise!”

No,really, it gets worse.

A carole-singing pair of salt and pepper shakers titled “Seasons Greetings” (which I would later discover some advertising company had the same idea) and a bottle of a Kikkoman’s (also singing a carole) called “Soy to the World!”

So when I stumbled on these three youtube gems I howled and laughed and just really giggled my morning away. Watch them in order. They build into a predictable albeit awfully funny ending.

I need  Palin break – enjoy the almost 4 minutes of peas and quiet 🙂