Meet my $2.35 banana.

As part of a normal diet for our age group, spouse and I are meant to each have one banana per day. No problem. We live in the tropics. Fresh fruit abounds. Or it did until the January flooding wiped out so many crops. Our lettuce (which had disappeared altogether back in February) is just now getting back to normal – big crispy heads of Iceberg Lettuce at just around $2.00 each.

Apples are small and often on the mushy side and average $5.00 per kg. Not great but doable. Pumpkins and potatoes are holding their own while tomatoes are up to $9.00 per kg and cucumbers have all gone MIA. Brussel sprouts and zucchini are so tiny I feel like a misplaced Brobdingnagian standing over their display cases  – and the celery is woody and way too thin.

But to suddenly be paying more than $32 per week for bananas is well – bananas! That’s$140 a month for two people to have a banana with lunch!

Holy Cow!

It makes me wonder how life is in the towns around the oil-stained Gulf of Mexico and newly radiated parts of Japan – and why we aren’t getting any reports or updates on either – but we know from minute to minute where Sarah’s damned bus is parked.

Has someone redefined the term ‘newsworthy’?