James and Rupert Murdoch under fire at British Parliament

This man who runs an empire that spans oceans with an iron fist has just wimped out under investigation claiming he had no idea what people below him were doing – he’s just a figurehead – not an active player in his company(ies). (Is he taking lessons from Sarah?)

Thank God for the female British Parliamentarian (sorry it’s 2:30am and I gave up on names and titles more than an hour ago) who looked this magnificent liar straight in the eye and said you would like us to believe you – the man who is purports to work 10-12 hour days and has his finger in every department – that you had no idea what your chiefs were doing?

Murdoch stated he was not an active CEO – he was CEO in name only and the people beneath him betrayed him and his company. But this lovely blonde-haired Brit cut his lies short, dug in her heels and kept at him…

She reminded Murdoch that not so long ago one of his chiefs resigned his post at News of the World because he felt as captain it was his duty to go down with the ship. She asked if he agreed with that decision. Rupert said yes. Then she stared him in the eye again and said something like ‘but Mr. Rupert Murdoch we all know you are actually the captain of the ship so do you feel responsible enough to also resign?

Rupert said no. she said “Why not? You’re the captain… this all happened on your watch.”

Every time Rupert claims that this mess is someone else’s fault asnd he’s completely innocent and he can’t resign because he is the ONLY PERSON WHO CAN CLEAN UP THE MESS I swear I hear violins and angels singing a chorus of Hallelujah because this is the song the liar sings just before cell door closes behind him.

And this all means Fox is next.

Life is good tonight 🙂

There was a man who lunged at Rupert but his wife (of all people) pummeled him to the ground. I truly hope those photos air soon. It was a sight to behold!