Evidently I got the date wrong – I’d used Sarah’s FB note as a timeline, thinking she had written this declaration of ‘nothing to see here – move on ppl’ just days after the close of the bus tour/family vacation.

What’s even odder to me now is the fact it took her about 15 days to respond to the media’s noticing her bus tour had stopped, citing cancellations of appearances in midwestern states as evidence of the tour ending.

And I realize this bus tour was a farce from start to finish but – since Sarah made such a big deal out of calling the media out on their ‘making things up’ why is no one in the media defending themselves by pointing out that SARAH SAID WE WERE IDIOTS FOR SAYING SHE’D CANCELLED HER BUS TOUR – THAT THE SUMMER WAS LONG AND SHE HAD A LOT OF TIME TO RESUME THE TOUR – BUT AUGUST IS NOW HALF OVER AND THERE’S STILL NO BUS IN SIGHT ON ANY ROAD…

So really Sarah, who exactly is the idiot making stuff up, huh? Here let me help – hold this mirror…

h/t to vinnie F for correcting the date – thanks 🙂