I’m in need of more info and photos of this event. Firstly, I just adore how Piper’s public behaviour hasn’t changed one iota as she’s grown up on her mother’s theatrical stage and I think this shot really proves how she’s always felt about the Palin limelight.

Second, am working on a secret project (rofl) and I really-really need more shots of this coat! It’s absolutely perfect! But alas this is the only one I could find.

If you have links or photos please leave directions for me in comments or email to using STUPID COAT as the subject – thanks 🙂

==============      UPDATE      ==============

Followed the Snopes link offered in comments and sure enough there’s a disclaimer and original photo showing the Piper-Flip is in fact a photoshop fake. Here’s the photo from the ADN archives:

However… having had four children of my own and helping so many friends raise their kids, I have heaps of exposure to small children and I offer this been there done that bit of observation:

Piper is absolutely, unquestioningly glaring at this little boy. She’s giving him one of those daggers-instead-of-eyes killer glares that usually occurs just before the biting and screaming begins.

Now look at her raised fist with the protruding two fingers. One finger is extended completely. One finger is extended only partially.

If you’ve ever had a small child attempt to imitate dad and give someone the bird you would recognize Piper’s dilema – most small children are not capable of extending only *one* finger without a second involuntarily following. Don’t take my word for it – grab a kid and see for yourself. Have them make a fist and extend each finger, one at a time, putting it back into the fist and extending the next. (It’s a great game for little ones!)

So even though the photo had been photoshopped it’s clear to me that if Piper didn’t officially flip this kid off – it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying 🙂

As for Gramma? This is a woman who allowed her husband to decorate her entire house with dead animal parts. I’m guessing poor eyesight is a survival skill.

I’m still searching for more of these photos in this ridiculous coat-dress-contraption. However, the lead to the ADN site has identified the event as the 3rd Annual Mat-Su picnic – so there’s a great start! Thanks so much!

h/t to everybody!